Summary of some recent GSW Telecom Consulting projects:

  • 90-mile Middle Mile and Last Mile Fiber Wireless expansion from Tucson to Nogales, AZ with Arriba Networks.
  • Biosphere II, Wireless point-to-point solution, Oracle, AZ.
  • Metro Fiber Network and Gigabit Internet project, Nogales, AZ
  • E-Rate projects for various districts around Arizona.
  • Arizona Middle Mile and Last Mile Master Plans in progress.
  • Pima County, AZ Master Plan for Wi-Fi and Streaming Video applications.

Funding sources available for consulting projects may include:

  • NTIA’s BTOP program
  • FCC’s E-Rate program
  • Arizona’s SB 1402 ‘Data Highways’ Bill
  • USDA programs such as:
    • Telecommunications Infrastructure Loan Program – Loans to improve and build telecommunications service in service in rural communities (<5,000 population)
    • Rural Broadband Loan Program (Farm Bill) – Loans to build and upgrade broadband services in rural high cost areas (<20,000 population)
    • Communication Connect Grant Program – Grants for broadband service providers and others who offer broadband services in rural and remote areas (<20,000 population)
    • Distance Learning/Telemedicine Loan and Grant Program – Loans and grants for providing Distance Learning and Telemedicine services to rural residents and anchor institutions

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